We believe small businesses make entrepreneurial dreams a reality; build financial wealth; shape futures; increase commerce in our communities; and are the primary sources of the health and growth of the national economy. Our chapter's public service mission is to provide counseling and mentoring to help small businesses evaluate plans, stabilize, grow, innovate and succeed.

Client Focus - We value our diverse Client base and ensure that our interactions are professional, beneficial, and efficient. The welfare of our clients is our utmost concern.

Delivering Quality - We strive to be the "best"; by consistently delivering high-quality products and services. The knowledge and experience of our volunteers will ensure the long-term viability or our organization.

Ethical Conduct - Interactions with our Clients, our partners, and our volunteers occur within a code of moral and ethical conduct that is above reproach.

Professionalism - As volunteers, we serve our Clients, our community, and our organization in a professional manner. We are dedicated to continuous improvement to enable personal and professional growth.

Contribution to the Community - Our SCORE chapter is a valuable member of the community. Both independently and through cooperation with other agencies, our organization makes significant contributions to the local and national economy.